Teens Would Love to Have These Things in Their Baskets!

Teens Would Love to Have These Things in Their Baskets!

When putting together an Easter basket for a teenager, most parents probably would just fill it with candy and send them on their way. Do you really want to capture their attention, though? Giving them an Easter basket full of goodies they would find ‘cool’ and actually use might make them think twice about rolling their eyes at you.

Below is a list of items and gifts that teenagers would love to see in an Easter basket. I have even included some useful baskets that can be reused and repurposed once the holiday is over.

The Easter Basket for a Teenager

Just like I would for younger children, I would create functional and practical Easter baskets for the teenagers. I would start with a small-ish plastic or woven basket that later can be used as a storage container for CDs, DVDs, or other teenage-approved items.

The container, whatever you choose, could match the teenager’s room or just be a funky (yep, I said funky) patterned storage container, like the black and white striped basket I bought in the picture to the right.

Before you choose your basket, you first must decide with what you’re going to fill it for Easter. Below are some great ideas for teens!

Things a Teenager Would Love to See in a Basket!

Here are some ideas for goodies to fill those baskets for teenagers:

  • iTunes gift cards–Do they have an iPod? Give them a gift card to pick out their music!
  • Cell phone covers–Want to pay for a new phone when the old one is scratched or cracked? Find a cover, like a rubber one, that will save the day.
  • Tickets to movies, sporting events, concerts–Will you go with them or let them take a friend? Keep that in mind.
  • Video game or accessory–This is a no brainer for most teens. Make sure you’re buying for the right video game console.
  • DVDs–Perhaps it’s time to update the collection from SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb.
  • Popular teen novels–Oh, there are so many to choose from! You could go the normal route of vampires and werewolves, but there are a plethora of great young adult novels out there. I hear the Hunger Games are great novels…
  • Small sports gear (baseball glove, mouth guard…)–Wouldn’t hurt to protect those teeth, would it?
  • Nintendo 3DS–A very, very popular gaming system right now.
  • iPod–A must if you are going to buy an iTunes gift card, of course.
  • Reusable water bottle– Save the environment from all of that plastic and get your teen to drink more water! It’s a win-win!
  • Gum–Help them to freshen their breath, but remind them that they still need to brush twice a day!
  • Gifts from popular TV shows/movies (Glee, etc.)--T-Shirts, hats, notebooks, pencils, posters..You can find something, I’m sure…
  • Photo frames–They can use these to decorate their rooms. It can rest on top of the mound of clothes in the corner, but golly it’ll make the room nice! 😉
  • Sunglasses–They need to be at least semi-close to a designer pair or the teens won’t wear them.
  • Homemade coupons (1 extra hour past curfew, extra time with computer/video games, extra time on phone…)–Simple and perfect.
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